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“Surfing is the most blissful experience you can have on this planet, a taste of heaven”

John McCarthy

Paddle Boards

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It is a really fun way to get out on a lake, river or ocean, enjoy a good time and get in some great exercise too. Create ever lasting memories.

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Helpful sup tips

Paddle Boarding is So Fun!! . Get out on the Water

  • Want to turn right? Paddle on the left. Headed to left? Then Paddle on right.
  • Stepping back on the board or looking over your shoulder to the direction of your turn also helps in making a turn.​
  • Balance with your hips – not your upper body.
  • For longer distances or if your board has no handle then carry your paddle board on your head.
  • You might also bring a friend to help stabilize the board as you get the hang of standing on it.
  • Your gaze should be level at the horizon.
  • You have more strength in your abdominal; muscles than in your arms
  • DO NOT lay the board fin side down, drag boards, use paddles to push off