Atoll Paddle Board Review

Atoll inflatable Paddle boards comes with seam durability and reinforced seams for sidewall. The minimalist and sleek design of its boards has been a staple of outdoor enthusiasts. Atoll paddle boards are best suitable for outdoor travels which comes with durable,comfortable and easy portable bags.

Even this time also, Atoll continued its old model paddle board. It is upgraded with new features. So lets drill down all the features and expose the reality of Atoll stand up paddle boards.

Atoll Paddle Board

Atoll Paddle Board Specifications

Board TypeAll-round Sup Board
Length11 feet
Width32 inches
Thickness6 inches
Weight21 LBS
Capacity400 LBS
Atoll PaddleBlack Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with Nylon Blade
Atoll BackpackNo-Roller Backpack
Atoll Pump2 way action pump
Atoll Warranty2 years
Atoll Guarantee60 days guarantee
Atoll Shipping ChargesFree shipping

Stability Of Atoll Board

The new Atoll all-round stand up paddle board 11′ provides very good stability. Atoll sup board with dimensions of 11′ height x 32” width x 6” thickness provides ample space on base of sup board. You will feel an extra comfort with overall dimensions and quality. 32 inches width has become ideal for all new coming sup boards in the market. The 6 inches thickness and 32 inches width will give good stability to all type of paddlers.


The flat and wide surface on top deck provides ample amount of space for your fitness activities and yoga. The high quality two-tone EVA foam traction pad over the sup board gives proper traction and cushioning. This reduce the stress on your joints. It also increases your stability and prevents you from slipping when to surface becomes wet. The width, thickness and top surface EVA foam gives the good stability for all your activities in all water conditions.


Quality of atoll board

Our team has tested this sup board. The quality is high standard. All the materials are of high standards. This sup board will log last for minimum 3 years. Atoll board is gives 2 years warranty and 60 days money back guarantee. Overall it is durable lightweight sup board.


It is made of machine laminated dual layer synthetic thermoplastic material. This synthetic thermoplastic material contains polymerizing vinyl chloride of required amount plasticizer. The addition of this plasticizer make material suitable in all conditions. The synthetic thermoplastic material is bonded using PVC coated Korean Drop Stitch technology, the Atoll iSUP maintains its shape and takes a beating.


The Atoll paddle board features with 3 fins at bottom of tail. The 2 fins are fixed and one removable center fin. The side fins are made of tough rubber material which can easily handle heavy duty knocks and scrapes. The middle fin is made of sturdy plastic material but with a universal fin box, you can choose to change that over too!

PORTABILITY of Atoll Paddle board

The new Atoll board is lightweight and easy to carry it. The weight is just 21lbs.


A black color nylon webbed carrying handle located at the centre of this sup board. This is covered by a soft neoprene grip.

black color nylon webbed carrying handle located at the centre of this sup board

Previously Atoll boards has same nylon webbed carrying handle at the nose. But in the latest edition it is removed.

nylon webbed carrying handle at the nose


Atoll Board Paddle

Huge change in atoll paddles this time. They have come up with ultralight Black Carbon Fiberglass Paddle with Nylon Blade. These paddles are pretty strong. The height of paddle can be varied according to paddlers height using clasping lock mechanism.

Atoll Board Paddle

Atoll Board Pump

Our team are not satisfied with pump for Atoll boards. Atoll has come with double action pump. But, currently in the market you will get triple action pump at similar cost isup boards. This is one disadvantage. I hope they will come up triple action pump in new edition release by end of this year.

Atoll Board Pump

Atoll board Leash

Atoll has come up with 10 Foot iSUP coil Leash. This leash features dual metal swivels to prevent tangling and it has a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff with a built-in key storage pocket. You will get favourite brand logo on it.

Atoll board Leash

Atoll Board Backpack

Atoll has made this board for serious travelers. After looking this backpack i feel the same. Your travel will become easy with this backpack. The quality looks premium and white stylish logo on black bag look great. This bag tuff and can bear heavy weight. This travel bag has a padded waist strap and extra durable military grade stitching.

Atoll Board Backpack

This bag has enough space inside for all your paddle board accessories. Along sides of bag, mesh pocket is available on either sides of backpack. You can include water bottles and other small things inside.

Atoll Board Repair Kit & User Manual

You will get plastic orange tube. You will find a valve wrench and two color-coded PVC patches inside.

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