iROCKER Blackfin X Review 2021

iROCKER Blackfin X Review 2021

Whenever one seeks for a relaxing vacation or trip in the backwaters, doing Stand-Up Paddling, the need for high stability and wide deck space arises. With Blackfin X, you will be able to access that comfort. This high-quality, durable board is well-recognized for its great build and also for the premium quality accessories that accompany it. 

Not only that, the length of the board enhances its maneuverability and helps in easy turns and glides. You can easily take up kids and pets along with you on the journey, and if you are a beginner, then this board is just the right choice for you. So, come, let’s dig a little deeper to know more about this Inflatable SUP board-Blackfin X.


iROCKER Blackfin X

Blackfin X review: Stability

When it comes to stability, Blackfin X has set its mark on it. A great companion for beginners, this board has a dimension of 10’6″ by 35″ by 6″. With the increased width, the board confers unrivaled stability and thus is a great choice for SUP yoga, as well as for a ride with your kids or pets. 

Adding to this is the 450lbs capacity that helps in accommodating much weight without letting the board sink. Though this board might appear to be slower for advanced paddlers, it is an unmatched choice for people seeking a calm ride in the backwater while enjoying some SUP picnic.

Blackfin X review: Quality

 Blackfin constantly works to improve the quality of their products, and thus, in 2020, they have also won the award for best all-around SUP in the market. So, that already proves how durable and reliable this SUP board is. The use of triple-layer composite PVC lets the board confer the feeling of a stable Hardboard while keeping the board light and portable. A drop stitch core along with carbon fiber rails gives it the desired firmness and longevity. 

The Model X comes paired with triple-fins that support flip-lock and are ready to combat any obstacle impact on the course of your paddle trip. 

Blackfin Model X offers a 2 -year warranty against product damage due to manufacturing glitch or fast wear-tear. As per the build of the board, the warranty period seems to be a little less. A board as strong as Blackfin X should preferably extend its warranty span.

Blackfin X review: Portability

The use of triple-layer PVC in the construction of the board keeps the board light. With a weight of mere 27lbs, the Blackfin X can be easily carried from one spot to another. To make the task easier, the model comes along with three handles, at the front, middle, and back, respectively. The rear and front handles will help you to take the board into the water or pull it out. The middle handle is a help for the ones who are carrying the board solo. 

Blackfin X review: Accessories

Blackfin X Paddle:

Blackfin has introduced a new paddle this year that features a lightweight carbon shaft and nylon blade. Being thinner and lighter, this shaft is suitable for long paddling hours and won’t tire your hands. The durable, long-lasting paddles are good partners for this SUP board and don’t let you repeatedly invest in new paddles. 

Blackfin X Paddle

The presence of the blade at the end of the paddle would have made it difficult to row if Blackfin had not intelligently managed the weight distribution. With every stroke of the Blackfin paddle, you can move by quite a considerable amount. 

Blackfin X Pump:

Blackfin model X comes paired with triple action dual chamber pump. With a thicker and more flexible hose, this high-volume pump performs way better than the models of previous years. 

The pump is about 25 inches tall and has three modes to select from while pumping. The modes can be switched manually, based on the amount of inflation required during pumping. The integrated pressure gauge on the pump lets you monitor the pressure inside the board, and you can carry out the inflation process accordingly. 

The pump takes about 5-15 minutes for inflating and 3-10 minutes for deflating. The optimal air pressure suggested for pumping the Blackfin iSUP is 15 PSI.

Though the pump fits in the backpack of this model, yet it comes along with a little netted bag for extra support and organization.

Blackfin X Leash:

Like many other paddle boards, Blackfin X brings with it a 10 feet long coiled leash. This leash stays coiled in the corner of your board and doesn’t hinder your paddling process. In case you fall off from the board, this leash will prevent it from floating away from you. For flatwater conditions, this leash is extremely handy and suitable. 

Blackfin X Backpack:

The backpack is an essential gear for paddleboarders, and thus, Blackfin has focused much on the construction of the backpack that comes with the model X. The superb quality and spacious backpack are much of an appreciation factor for Blackfin.

Blackfin X Backpack

The wheels on the edge of the bag make it very comfortable to carry it from one place to another. There are multiple compartments that aid the proper organization of your stuff. The main middle compartment is for your iSUP, and the front compartment is totally dedicated to the pump. Mesh pockets and zipper pouches make it easy to store smaller items that might get lost if not paid attention to. 

The shoulder and waist straps are padded to reduce strain on your muscles and are adjustable based on your physique. Added to this is a soft back layer to keep you comfortable while carrying the bag for long durations.

Blackfin X repair kit and user manual:

Blackfin X is accompanied by a standard repair kit, inclusive of an inflation valve wrench and some patches. The valve wrench is very handy if suddenly your inflation valve gets loose. 

iROCKER Blackfin X Review Verdict

Blackfin Model X is a board for vacations. If you just want to relax and ride on board while doing some SUP yoga or play with your kids, this is just what you need. This highly stable board is loved by kids and beginner paddlers as it opens a scope for learning and enjoying the ride. For a good time with your loved ones, Blackfin Model X is an unmatched companion.

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