Bluefin Cruise SUP Review 2021

Bluefin Cruise SUP Review 2021

The craze for paddleboarding is all around. But to get the best company and experience for your paddleboarding, the first thing you need is a nicely crafted SUP board. And Bluefin Cruise SUP board is one of the nicest gears in the market that serves all your requirements rightly. 

Bluefin Cruise SUP

Since the market is flooded with a large variety, it is crucial to find the one that gives you the best of experience, and Bluefin Cruise does it rightly with its innovative design and features, which is built for the conscious paddlers and beginners to have a solid start. The 10.8″ length, along with superior versatility and enhanced stability, makes this one a great suit for anyone. Here is a detailed review of Bluefin Cruise SUP that you need to check out now! 


Bluefin Cruise SUP review: Stability

Though the paddleboard is not that feature-rich as the other Bluefin Cruise versions, this one has many interesting features to offer.  With its measurement of 10’8″x 33″x 6″, it has a lot to offer. The 33″ width is wide enough for the beginners to have enough space and a strong grip on the board. When it comes to stability, it can give a long run for the money for many other notable models. 

It weighs nearly 33 pounds, which makes it lightweight yet powerful enough to stay stable on the water. This weight rightly makes it easier for anyone to balance on it. Thus, it can be a good choice for those who are still in the period of learning the art of balancing on the paddleboard. Moreover, it comes with the raised kicktail, which adds up to the control.

BlueFin Cruise SUP review: Portability

Bluefin always gives a satisfactory performance when it comes to comforting the paddlers. Hence the paddleboard is brilliantly lightweight and brilliantly easy to carry. It weighs around 25lbs, which makes it tremendously easier to port.

The board comes with three carry handles. One handle is placed at the middle of the board, which makes it easy to carry on your own and launch it. And two others are placed at the rear end and the front end of the board. Whether you drag it yourself or get accompanied by someone else to carry it, it’s completely up to you. The center handle is easy to use as a holder. The velcro easily opens and can be fixed around the shaft of the paddle to make the carrying more convenient. 

Bluefin Cruiser SUP review: Quality

When it comes to quality, Bluefin never fails to please you. The board features a very strong construction. Hence it is constructed with a dense drop stitching patent, which makes the board more rigid when you go to inflate it optimally. 

The outside material of the board is made with PVC. It comes with the reinforced sidewalls and is rightly treated with a coating that is UV resistant. The construction rightly makes the board very durable and resilient, which can rightly satisfy you.

Bluefin Cruiser SUP review: Accessories

Bluefin Cruiser SUP Paddle:

Bluefin never fails to meet our expectations when it comes to the paddling facility. The paddle comes in the form of a four-piece fiberglass shaft, which is combined with a polyurethane blade. The best part about Bluefin is it also includes a second paddle blade, which accompanies you right when you go kayaking. 

The four-piece paddle is easy to assemble within a few seconds. It also comes with an adjustable height, which makes it a great one for both adults and kids. Also, this adjustability gives you better flexibility when you come across any other boards so that you can stay clash-free. And the best part? Well, this paddle is light enough to float! From the design to material, everything about this paddle makes it great for beginners. 

Bluefin Cruiser SUP Pump:

The Bluefin Cruiser SUP pump comes with an upgraded single chamber, dual-action pump. The pump is very simple to use. What we more like about it is, it comes with the instructions printed on it, so that you don’t need to go for finding it in the manual. The two-action mode process makes it easier to inflate the boat within just 10-15 minutes. 

The pump is also compact in size and structure. Moreover, Bluefin comes with a backup option for you. If you want, you can easily add an electric pump to your SUP kit. The electric pump is also efficient as it makes it much easier to deflate your pump so that you can pack your board easily. 

Bluefin Cruiser SUP Leash:

A short leash is also included with Bluefin Cruiser 10’8″. You can easily attach it to a D-ring and wear it in your ankle or calf areas. The leash is flexibly coiled and helps your board to drift far away from you in case you fall off. However, for your safety, make sure you are wearing a PFD, as the leash is not going to help you in floating. 

Bluefin Cruiser SUP Backpack:

One of the most impressive parts about this Bluefin cruiser is that it comes with a very nice and compact backpack. The backpack also has very good construction. It is not only very comfortable to carry, but also it can smartly withstand the various weather conditions.

The adjustable backpack always gives your carrying comfort the paramount of priority. It comes with a front pocket for separating the fins and various other smaller accessories of the SUP. There are also additional sub pockets for storing all your paddle kits without any need to repack your bag totally.  

Bluefin Cruiser SUP Repair Kit:

The Bluefin Cruiser comes with a very useful repair kit that undoubtedly gives you better service whenever you need it. The repair kit comes with two items. It includes a Halkey-Roberts inflation valve wrench that lets you tighten the valves. And the other component is the adhesive patches that you can use to seal any of the small holes that may occur in your board. However, the construction is too sturdy to need the repair kit. However, the company does its job right. 

In case any major damage happens, make sure you are contacting with the company. The warranty coverage rightly describes everything. 

Bluefin Cruise SUP Review 2021 Verdict:

Compared to the value, the Bluefin cruiser SUP may not be the best one in the market. But the board is brilliant if you want to make your novice skills steadier. In terms of stability, this paddleboard can give any other brand models a tough competition. Hence, it is definitely very good for beginners. For advanced level paddlers, the board can also be used along with carbon paddles. The quality and durability of the product and a very budget-friendly price makes this one of the best-seller paddleboards in the market of 2021.

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