Irocker All-Around 10′ Review 2021

Irocker All-Around 10' Review 2021

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With the craze for paddleboarding rising high, the market is being flooded with varieties of SUP boards. Despite that, Irocker All-Around 10′ has made its place amongst the highest sold SUP boards. This is a board designed to be loved by beginners as well as experienced ones.

irocker All-Around 10'

The board is indeed ideal for small surfs, flatwater paddling, and light streams and rivers. It is available in three attractive colours to choose from and has 17 D-rings to hold on your essentials. This highly stable board is accompanied by great accessories for your every need and ensures you a great paddling experience. Here’s presenting you a detailed review on the Irocker All-Around 10′.

Irocker All-Around 10′ review: Stability

The Irocker All-Around 10′ is 10′ in length, spreads 32″ wide, and has a thickness of 6″. This width is the reason for this SUP board to be counted among the highly stable boards. For beginners, this board is indeed a great choice. 

It is also impressive to note that All-Around 10′ has a weight capacity of 370 lbs, which is huge and I am sure, not even the largest paddlers are going to face any trouble while balancing on this board. 

irocker All-Around 10'

Moreover, the board volume being 221 litres, gives it the optimum buoyancy that adds to the stability factor. Hence, the board comes out to be the perfect suit for kids, beginners, and the ones seeking to have some SUP yoga or workout in collaboration with nature.

Irocker All-Around 10′ review: Portability

Irocker always takes care of the paddlers’ comfort and thus comes up with lightweight and easy-to-carry boards. The All-Around 10′ weighs only 24 lbs., which certainly makes it easy to port. 

This SUP board is accompanied by three carrying handles for easy lifting and launching of the board. The handles are placed at the front, the middle and rear end of the board and are made of tough materials that will resist wear and tear.

Apart from that, you can also separately buy shoulder straps to avoid carrying the board by your fingers. And of course, you have their backpack to further assist you in taking the board with you for long journeys. 

Irocker All-Around 10′ review: Quality

To present you with a board of great quality, Irocker has used triple-layer, high-quality, bomb-proof composite PVC in the construction of All-Around 10′. Owing to the use of this strong and flexible plastic material, this board gets to be so light and can seal in air, effectively. The use of PVC also makes it a very durable and resilient board. 

The core of the Irocker All-Around is drop-stitched confers rigidity to the board and allows it to be pumped up to high pressure. This, in turn, promotes a hardboard like feeling under your feet. 

The Irocker teams provide a 2-year warranty on All-Around 10′ along with 60 days return period. But I hardly think the board’s quality allows any issues to come up in just two years. Irocker hence has the confidence for 100% customer satisfaction.

Irocker All-Around 10′ review: Accessories

Irocker All-Around 10′ paddle

The constant urge of Irocker to provide its customers with the best has called for the upgrade of their paddles to carbon blend shaft with nylon blades. It has unquestionably taken over the fibreglass blades, which feel uncomfortable after long paddling durations.

Carbon shaft paddles are sturdy, smooth, and very lightweight, making it ideal for long paddle boarding. The streamlined design of the blade confers to an amazing paddling performance.

The carbon shaft paddle can be disintegrated into three pieces for ease of carrying as well as for height adjustments. It is fully adjustable from 79-86 inches. 

Irocker All-Around 10′ pump

The Irocker All-Around 10′ has an upgraded dual-chamber triple action pump as its partner. This pump dramatically reduces inflation time and effort. The pump is easy-to-use and weighs a mere 3.81 oz, which explains how lightweight it is.

The inflation hose of the pump is constructed to be highly flexible. Also, here’s a pressure gauge at the top of the pump for your reference while pumping.

At the rear end of the pump exists a dial that allows you to switch between the three modes. While starting the inflation, keep the dial at mode 1. This will cause the pump to push air the board for up and down strokes and use both chambers for it.

Switch to mode 2, when you start feeling resistance while pumping. Now the pump will use only one chamber but will keep inflating for up-down strokes.

Mode 3 will help you to take the inflation to 15 PSI and will pump in air, only on downstrokes.

Irocker All-Around 10′ leash

The All-Around 10′ is accompanied by a durable and highly flexible coiled leash that will not let your board float away if you fall in water by chance. The leash has a padded and comfortable ankle cuff that will not resist your movement on the board.

irocker leash

Also, the leash has a hidden key pocket in the ankle cuff that can be secured with a Velcro closure.

Irocker All-Around 10′ backpack

This SUP board by Irocker comes along with a sturdy and spacious backpack, that is ready to fit in all your paddling needs.

The main compartment with two tie-down straps holds the rolled-up board in place. To hold water bottles, there exist two side meshes. In addition to this, the presence of zipper pouches behind the meshes helps carry small items, securely. 2 front zipper pouches serve the storage of fins, leash, and repair kit. An extra zipper pocket above the shoulder straps has been intended specifically to hold the iRocker electric pump.

Irocker All-Around 10' bag

The bag can be carried on your shoulder via a padded shoulder strap, but I would have been happier if it came along with wheels. But, not a big worry sine Irocker is going to come up with wheeled trays, to be bought separately, to ease your luggage carrying job.

Irocker All-Around 10′ Repair kit

The ALL-AROUND 10′ comes along with an iSUP repair kit which includes a valve wrench, some colour-coded PVC repair patches, and three replacement lever lock clips for the board’s removable fins.

With these you also get a quick start guide and user manual, that explains to you, in detail, the process of starting and maintaining the Irocker All-Around 10′.

Irocker All-Around 10′ Review Verdict

The Irocker All-Around 10′ has managed to win hearts of beginner paddlers. As well as the ones who seek some peaceful family paddling. This might not be the fastest board but is definitely a highly stable one. Paddling becomes easy and very effortless by virtue of the boards built, and thus this SUP has managed to make its place among the best-sellers in the latest market.

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