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In recent days, Stand-up Paddle Boarding has become a craze among adventure lovers. Gliding on the water and having fun definitely sounds cool. So to let you have the best of paddle boarding, Irocker brings to you the All-Around Sport 11′ SUP. Check out our iRocker sport review.

This board is designed for the ones looking for a rough and speedy paddling. There are three color variants of this model.

The design has a break just past the user’s standing point, which gives it a unique retro style look, and digital printing prevents colour fading and cracking. This is a long and durable board with quad-layer construction. You have 10 D-rings for storing your carried items. Let us now go deep and check out what other qualities the Irocker Sport can offer.

Irocker Sport Review: Stability

The Irocker Sport is 11′ long, 31″ wide and has a thickness of 6″. The width of the board is narrower compared to many other SUP boards, and thus it might not be the best board when it comes to stability. The board will definitely not throw you off, but make you feel wobbly while riding. The boards with a width greater than 32″ are better suited for beginners looking for stability. Sport emphasized more on speed and manoeuvrability rather than stability. So this board is great for experienced surfers but not for kids or beginners, who will struggle for balance.

The 231 lbs volume of the board can allow a weight capacity of 385 lbs which is pretty high for sporty paddle boards. This weight capacity will allow a stable and speedy ride for SUP racers.

Irocker Sport Review: Portability

The Irocker Sport SUP board is a light-weight board, weighing about 26 lbs. Owing to this, the Sport becomes a highly portable board even when it is inflated.

The Sport SUP board have three carrying handles, each 6″ long. One of the handles is located in the front, to aid you in carrying the board to your destination. The back handle proves to be useful while dragging the board to the waters. The third one, in the middle of the deck, is a nylon webbed carrying handle that’s covered by a soft and comfortable neoprene grip with extra padding, that makes carrying the board easy when solo.

Irocker also provides a backpack to ease the porting of the board and its accessories.  

Irocker Sport Review: Quality

To enhance the quality of the board, Irocker in 2020 upgraded Sport SUP construction to triple-layer composite PVC. This makes the board light-weight and at the same time preserves its robustness. The internal drop-stitch core maintains structural integrity. The Sport thus comes out as a sturdy and durable board and supports a higher weight capacity while maintaining rigidity. When inflated, the board feels like a hardboard. The build of this board allows aggressive use of the board for speed racing and other competitive purposes.

Irocker Sport has a well-cushioned deck that will help you stand comfortably, so you can enjoy the ride and relax. The EVA foam pad makes it feel good under your foot.

The warranty period offered by this paddle board is of solid two years that covers all the manufacturing or structural defects. But the build of the Sport SUP is definitely going to make it last more than its warranty period.

Irocker Sport Review: Accessories

Irocker Sport Paddle

The Irocker Sport came along with fibreglass paddles which were very low priced. But now it has been upgraded to light-weight carbon blend shaft paddles, with a sleek blade, colour coded the paddles to match the look of the board. The whole thing weighs just a mere 28oz. The handle dimensions are appropriate for a comfortable grip and do not slip from hands when wet.

The paddle can be disintegrated into three pieces. These can be locked together via a pin and groove system. The system is very resilient and would not shift or separate even under extreme tension. The size of the paddle can be adjusted from 72 to 86 inches, quite ideal for tall paddlers.

Irocker Sport Pump

With the Irocker Sport, you get their upgraded brand new pump which is a premium Full Throttle dual chamber, triple action pump. This new pump version is light and hence reduces the load to carry. It merely weighs about 3.81 lbs. the pump will cost you about 5 to 15 minutes to inflate, 3 to 10 min to deflate and roll up

The pump has three settings along with the dual chambers. The first setting allows air in and out through both the chambers. The second setting is more efficient but takes more power. It pumps in the air from both the chambers. The third setting pumps in the air from only one of the chambers. To check the pressure, the pump is accompanied by a psi gauge attached at the top.

Irocker Pump

The pump is super powerful, easy-to-use and very handy. But I would personally want Irocker to offer electric pump with this model so that one can save energy and perform other jobs while the board is inflating.

The pump hose has also been upgraded to be thicker and more resistant to wear and tear.

Irocker Sport Backpack

Irocker has always provided its customers with great quality backpacks to sort every need. With Sport, you get a large enough backpack that will let you fit in all you need on a SUP expedition. You can easily load in the deflated board, the paddle-disintegrated into three parts, the pump, repair kits extra clothing, towels and a bit more.

Irocker Backpack

There are plenty of compartments to organize your goods. The bags are also colour-coded to match your board. You will even get additional mesh and zipper pockets on the side to store more. To secure the contents inside, there are adjustable straps on the inner side. The back of the bag has two padded straps to ease your shoulder burden assisted by a padded waist belt. The coolest feature is the presence of wheels that help you drag the bag to your destination.

Irocker Sport Leash

Sport brings you a 10′ coiled leash. It can be attached to the rear D-ring and owing to its coiled nature; it won’t drag itself in the water. It swivels well in order to prevent you from tangling yourself in it.

Irocker being thoughtful has added a small compartment in the strap, for holding your car keys.

irocker leash

Since the board is not a very stable one, the leash is definitely a need since, without much experience, you are likely to fall, and the leash will stop the board from floating away from you.

Irocker Repair Kit & Manual

The repair kit consists of an inflation valve wrench and 3 PVC patches, enclosed in an orange cylinder with screwed lid.


The Irocker Sport, as the name suggests is built for sporty people, willing to have a speed race or go for some rough paddling. This board is ideal for the ones who prefer speed over stability and are well-trained. Irocker has maintained its SUP standards and has kept the design very appealing too. So for the fast and the furious, the Sport from Irocker is a great partner.

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