Kayak Fishing Guide | Puts You On Top Of The Fish

Kayak fishing offers many advantages for anglers including the ability to go right to where the fish are feeding. Compared to other types of fishing boats, the kayak is easier and more economical to use.

Kayak Fishing Guide

The trick to successful fishing is finding the best fishing holes whether they are near the shore or out well beyond casting range. A kayak provides you with the mobility you need to get to the fish without wasting precious time.


Kayak Fishing Is A Great Way To Get Close To The Action

Anglers use kayaks for fishing in streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, bays and even in some cases for offshore saltwater fishing. Whether you are fly-fishing for trout in Scotland or spinning for tarpon or snook in the Florida mangroves, a kayak can help bring you fishing success.

Ease of using a kayak

Compared to other types of fishing boats, the kayak is lightweight and very easy to deploy into the water. In fact, many kayaks are portable and you can carry them over rough terrain to reach very difficult to access fishing sites. Portable kayaks are often inflatable or folding and are light enough to carry over long distances.

In comparison, launching a regular motor boat can consume time better allotted to finding your prize catch. Most fishing boats require special launch facilities while you can deploy your kayak from practically any location.

The kayak also does not require the same kind of maintenance and care that motorised fishing boats demand. No need to change oil or stop for refuelling, and there is no possibility of the motor malfunctioning while you are out on the water.

Of course, the kayak does require that you paddle in order to propel yourself through the water, but this is actually a good way to stay fit. Kayaking is great exercise that improves aerobic conditioning and upper body strength.

After a bit of practice, you will be able to move easily over the water reaching even distant destinations relatively quickly.

Kayak fishing provides stealth approach

Fishing from a kayak allows you to approach fishing grounds as quietly as possible as not to alert the fish. This is part of the excitement of kayak fishing in that you can totally control your approach to the fishing hole.

Even the quietest of fishing motors can be difficult to use effectively. Once you have learned to master kayaking, you will be able to control the fishing canoe with very little effort. This will allow you to keep the canoe in the best position for casting.

You can launch your kayak from just about any location even in the surf and in many areas that just are not reachable with other types of fishing boats. The fishing canoe has more than enough room for all your gear and for fish that you may want to take home.

Paddling in a kayak is exciting all on its own and so much more when you are reeling in the fish. The fishing canoe gives one the feeling of being one with the river, lake or ocean. You feel more perceptive of the environment and that you are closer to nature.

Additionally, the kayak is less damaging to the environment than a motorised fishing boat. The canoe does not leak oil or fuel into pristine fishing areas. You leave nature just as you found out showing your appreciation for the pleasure that it has provided you.

Using a kayak for fishing, then, offers results, excitement, exercise and accessibility to remote fishing areas. You save money and time compared to using a regular motorised fishing boat while at the same time protecting the environment and the fish populations.

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