Paddle boarding is being widely accepted as an adventure water sport for both children as well as adults. To enhance your experience in this field, iRocker has brought to you the Nautical SUP, which is a sturdy, lightweight board, designed to provide all-around performance. Available in 3 great colours, namely blue, aqua and green, the overall design makes it look like a classy board.

Young and beginners especially love how easy to handle this board is. This affordable board has a tough cover and hosts 13 D-rings. Sounds fascinating right? So let’s move in to know more about this board.



Stability of a SUP board is the most important factor for a paddle boarder. Without being able to balance on the board, people will certainly start losing their confidence and interest. So, a board with good stability is a definite need.

Nautical SUP has a length of 10’6″ and is 6″ thick. The width of 32″ makes it a highly stable paddle board. This size has enabled beginners to learn to paddle smoothly. The wide base also proves to be safe for kids who want to learn this sport and supports the practice of SUP yoga and other workouts.


However, being a very lightweight board, Nautical might become unstable in very speedy winds which might be upsetting for beginners.

Just like any other boards, even this SUP board can become unstable on exceeding its 240 lbs. weight capacity, so load your luggage accordingly.


iRocker nautical will be very easy to port by virtue of its 20lbs weight, even when inflated. It’s a great travel partner and will certainly not annoy you when you have to carry it under your arms, till you reach the waters.

The board has 3-straps that are resilient and sturdy, preventing wear and tear. These straps will ease your task of carrying the board by manifolds.



For iRocker, quality of boards has always been a priority, and in order to provide a board meeting their set level of quality, they have used the double military-grade PVC drop-stitch construction in Nautical. In a board, so affordable, the double layer PVC is a huge benefit, but again at this price, you cannot expect the best quality.

The board is robust, provides protection and at the same time, does not overweight it. So, you can chill and ride your boards, without worrying about its life-time. In short, nautical is a comfortable and strong board of decent quality.

Nautical has a soft and fuzzy deck pad, which is extremely relaxing. This adds a great feel to your water expedition.

The durability of this board is also incontestable. Though iRocker provides only one year guarantee over this board, I feel such a long-lasting construction must have this warranty period extended to at least two years, like the other brands.


iRocker Nautical Paddle

iRocker Nautical Paddle

The iRocker Nautical is a highly affordable board and comes with a less expensive kit. This kit consists of fibreglass paddle which is hard-wearing and is assisted by lightweight nylon blades. These are high-performance blades when compared to other variants of iRocker.

iRocker Nautical Paddle

The paddle consists of 3 pieces so that it can be adjusted according to the paddle boarder’s comfort. The assembling of the parts is very simple, and even kids can easily do that. The nylon blades and the fibreglass body makes this paddle extremely sturdy, and you do not need to worry about easy abrasion.

iRocker Nautical Pump

Dual-action hand pumps accompany the iRocker nautical inflatable SUP boards, that can perform both inflation and deflation of the board. It is an easy-to-use device, which takes about 7-10 minutes to inflate a board properly.

The pump offers two stages for pumping that will boost up the inflation speed. The initial stage aids pumping air into the board on both the rise and fall of the pump. When the inflation reaches about 7psi or is about half-filled, you can switch to the second stage, that pumps air only on downward action of the pump.

The switching between stages merely involves the removal of a plug from the pump. To check the pressure, you can have a look at the easy-read pressure gauge at the top of the pump.

Nautical now comes with a new and more durable hose that gives it an upper hand over the models of previous years.

Nautical  durable hose

In spite of so many good features, we desire to see electrical pumps in the next upgrade and want it to triple harbour action, like many other market competitors. An electric pump will cut off the tiring pumping exercise hence reducing strain.

iRocker Nautical Backpack

Nautical features a well-made, sturdy and waterproof backpack. It has a satisfactory room to carry all your needed equipment and loads. The shoulder straps are padded to make it comfortable to carry for long duration.

iRocker Nautical Backpack

The bag has a clamshell shape that makes it easy to load and unload. It also has a dedicated main compartment to hold your paddling kits and a small mesh holder at the side to hold a bottle or small items.

iRocker Nautical Leash

Just like all other iRocker variants, Nautical is also accompanied by a coiled leash, which makes sure the board does not float away from you if you fall. It is super easy to attach to your board.

iRocker Nautical Leash

The leash grips tightly on your ankle, but aits flexible coil will not resist your movement. The dual metal swivels prevent tangling. To make the ankle strap comfortable, it is made of soft neoprene material.

iRocker Nautical Repair Kit & Manual

Though generally, Nautical does not make its users complain, for certain mishaps, it comes along with a repair kit. The kit is basically a plastic canister having a valve wrench and a large piece of PVC material.

With the package, you will also get their user manual that is a great guide for paddle boarders.


iRocker Nautical is a great board for the ones searching for a good balance. This might not match your speed expectations but definitely has been appreciated as good SUP for beginners. Being an all-around board, it has a structure with tapered ends that helps you glide smoothly. For the ones looking for a good and budget-friendly SUP experience, Nautical is a great catch.

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