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Paddle boarding, which is a water sport that goes back to the 1930s, seems to be more popular than ever. Today there are a number of Paddle board races and most of the major events appear to be in Hawaii and California.

In fact in California alone, several surfing business have begun renting out equipment and many clubs have been formed. Although most of the actions seems to be along the Hawaii and California coastlines, there are many other locations throughout the world where paddle boarding is one of the hot “new” water sports.

Paddle Boarding | Places to Visit in the World


Let’s start with the rest of the world. Obviously Australia is a world class surfing destination and paddle boards are a daily occurrence, particularly this time of the year as the country enjoys its summer while other parts of the world such as the Western United States is approaching its winter season.

Australia is a world class surfing destination

Some of the hot spots in Australia are along the coastline of Sydney at beaches such as Palm Beach, Surfer’s Paradise Beach and Manly Beach. One of the top races in the world, the Hamilton Island Cup, is at Hamilton Island on the northeastern side of Australia.

About half way between Hamilton Island and Sydney is another hot spot at Snapper Rocks along the Gold Coast. In southeast Australia, Perth is yet another very popular destination for the sport.

Japan and Fiji

You need look only to areas near Australia to discover that the water sport is emerging as one of the best new water sports. Japan’s hot spot is actually at the island of Okinawa but the country has even taken on boarding on the river, and Fiji has another one of the top events in the world with the recent Namotu World Paddle Challenge.

Japan and Fiji

Many of the world-class boarders competed in this event, which will likely occur for years. But you don’t have to be a world class boarder to enjoy the beaches on Fiji.

Central and South America

Mexico has some of the best surfing spots and if you are looking to paddle board there are plenty of locations all along the Mexico coastline.

Central and South America

Some of the best spots are in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Quintana Roo, where water temperatures can be 24 degrees Celsius or even higher.

All these areas feature inexpensive restaurants and exhilarating nightlife. In South America, Peru and Brazil both have thousands of miles of beautiful beaches and can you imagine boarding some of the world’s most famous beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro?

Cape Town, South Africa

Set against the unmistakable backdrop of Table Mountain, Cape Town is the SUP capital of Africa and with waves and calmer waters all on offer there’s very good reason why. The aptly named Sunset Beach is a great place for a relaxed surfing SUP while the calmer waters of Langebaan Lagoon are a little further out of town but well worth the drive, especially for beginners. 

Hawaii and the United States

The islands of Oahu, Maui, Kaui and the big island of Hawaii have the best locations for boarding and their beaches are consistently ranked as the best in the world. Arguably more famous than Rio is the famed Waikiki Beach on Oahu and boarding with Diamond Head as a backdrop is breathtaking.

As is expected, many of the world’s top events are in Hawaii – Duke’s Oceanfest, Waikiki, this year’s Stand Up World Tour at Honoli’i Beach on the big Island and the Maui International Paddleboard Championships.

Even if you are not a world-class boarder, you can find places all over the islands for boarding. Aside from Waikiki, there is Kaanapali and Kapalua in Maui, Hapuna Beach on the big island and Hanalei Bay in Kaui.

California has tons of action in boarding from the beaches in Southern California to parts of Northern California, especially in Santa Cruz.

In Southern California, it’s hard to pick out just a few beaches but the beaches that locals would suggest are at Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Redondo Beach, San Diego and many more.

Florida also ranks high for the water sport at beaches like Daytona Beach, Pompano Beach and of course Miami Beach, particularly in the south beach section.

Water temperature in Miami can be very high at 30 degrees Celsius or higher so the waters in the South Atlantic can be very appealing.

Top 5 paddle boarding places

PositionPaddling Places
1Hawaii and the United States
2Central and South America
3Japan and Fiji
5Cape Town, South Africa

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