The Thurso Surf Max Multi Purpose paddle board are designed to suit all kind of surfers. Highly reckoned for serving numerous purpose, this touring SUP board has been designed to accommodate large loads or to take pets for paddling. Its large size adds up to its stability, and the assistance of light carbon shafts makes it unique and efficient.

Thurso surf max sup board comes along with full traction pad coverage, accompanied by standard accessories for your every need. Let’s start with the detailed review and familiarize you with the Thurso surf Max.


Thurso surf Max paddle boards provide an appreciable amount of stability. It is great for beginners as well as the ones who are experienced paddlers, seeking for stress-free paddle boarding.

The Thurso Surf Max has a dimension of 11’6 x 34” x 6”. The width confers high stability to the board and offers enough room to stand or sit, and even allows SUP yoga and workouts to take place efficiently along with hunting or fishing expeditions.

Added to this, Max has a volume of 340L, which is absolutely amazing for providing optimum buoyancy. With good buoyancy, you get good stability, and that is what works for this paddle board. The deck allows you to take your kids or pets along with you on adventures and at the same time provides that extra stability that one wishes. 

If you are seeking for a multi-functional board which might not be very fast but is very stable and spacious to have family hangouts, then Thurso Surf Max is just your pick.


The Thurso Max boards, as already said, are very versatile and thus can be used quite often by paddle boarders for various kind of expeditions. This thurso surf all-arounder sup board features double-layer construction, using triple/quadruple military-grade PVC coating on the side and the deck. The deck is further coated with two-layer PVC tarpaulin which is further bonded to a PVC coated Drop stitch core. Two of the PVC layers reinforce the sides owing to its lightweight and durability.

Max also comes along with three removable and shockproof nylon made fins, that makes use of Quick lock technology to fit it. Just slip in the fins and push the clip, you’re done. 

The Thurso Max offers a two-year warranty that provides coverage on all the manufacturing defects possible. But in my honest opinion, I feel this board is highly durable and is definitely going to last for more than two years, of course, if properly maintained.


Thurso surf max multi purpose sup board weighing 33LB, Max is the heaviest board among the other Thurso boards. It might be difficult to carry when inflated if you do not use the padded strap, attached to its centre. Besides this, you also have straps at the nose and the tail to ease the task a bit more.

Since this is a multi-purpose paddle board, the weight has to be kept high in order to suit every expedition requirement. And you always have the Thurso backpacks that will assist you to carry your board and all its accessories easily to the destined locations, without much stress. 


Thurso Surf Max Paddle

Like all other Thurso paddle boards, Max is also accompanied by the lightweight Carbon Shaft 3-piece paddle. The use of this paddle cuts down the pain of paddling with heavy aluminium or fibre shafts. 

Though carbon shafts weigh only 2 lbs, these shafts are extremely well designed for efficient paddling, and you can paddle for longer durations without straining your hands. The blades possess a 10° dihedral shape to get the maximum power from each stroke and to prevent blade twisting. 

Moreover, you can carry it easily in backpacks as these shafts can be opened into three separate pieces. This also paves the way for adjustable heights, to suit different needs.

The shafts now host the new locking shaft mechanism, that will allow you to convert it to a kayak paddle, be simply adding a second blade, stored separately.

Thurso Surf Max Pump

This paddle board comes along with a double-action pump. The pump is equally efficient in inflation and deflation. To make it easy for you to roll your board, the pump will suck out even the last bit of air. Both the actions are performed pretty quick.

Though the pumps are proficient in their job, yet there can be an improvement in this field, by providing triple actions pumps that many other manufacturers are able to provide at the same price. Staying updated with the latest will always lend an upper hand over other manufacturers.

Thurso Surf Max Leash

With the thurso surf multi-functional board package, you get a 10′ coiled leash. It will not hinder your movement on the board as it is long and stretchy. You can attach one end of the leash to the D-ring on the back on your board and fix the other end on your ankle.

If you fall off your board, the leash will drag back the board to you, instead of you swimming to your board. The leash instils a sense of safety and confidence that will indeed improve your paddling experience.

Thurso Surf Max Backpack

The Thurso Surf Max brings to you a sturdy, waterproof roller backpack, which forms a great companion for paddling adventures. The backpack has integrated wheels to ease your journey. The padded shoulder-strap lessens the burden on your shoulder, and for extra support, you even get a chest-strap. Since you know that Max is heavy, this backpack is an absolute boon that saves you from the stress of porting it from one place to another.

The bag zips on all three sides, making it easy to put in and take out the board. The backpack will efficiently carry all your needed accessories and extra loads, leaving you with no complaints.

Thurso Surf Max Repair Kit & User Manual

Just like any other Thurso product, this touring SUP comes along with a user manual and a repair kit. The repair kit will be enclosed in a capped orange container and will be consisting of two PVC patches, a valve wrench, and a small adhesive brush. 


For people who love paddle boarding adventure and want to experience it along with their family and pets, they should definitely check out Thurso Surf Max Multi Purpose Paddle Board. You can take sup board anywhere, hunting, fishing, overnight expeditions, or even for a family picnic. With a broad deck and all-arounder construct, this board meets the basic requirements of paddle boarders. Though a bit heavy and not as fast as many other Sups, Max is still one of the most loved SUP boards that the market has witnessed.

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